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ENC28J60 Network Interface Card

The nic28 is a small network interface card implemented with Microchip Technology Stand-Alone ENC28J60 Ethernet Network Controller.

The circuit board includes all required components for the ethernet controller, plus a 3.3V Voltage Regulator and 3-State Buffer for level conversion, and a RJ-45 jack with integrated magnetics and built-in Link and Activity LEDs for connection to an Ethernet Local Area Network.

The board ships fully assembled and tested.
(Bare PCB available)

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U$S 35.00/ea - Currently OUT OF STOCK    
  • On board 10Mbps Ethernet controller and RJ45 jack for network connection
  • Small 1.3" by 2.5" circuit board footprint
  • Conveniently fits on solderless prototype breadboards
  • Selectable +5 or 3.3V DC supply
  • On board voltage regulator and 3-State level conversion logic
  • Supports latest Microchip's TCP/IP Protocol Stack
  • IEEE 802.3 10BaseT complaint
  • Fully assembled and tested

  • List price : U$S 35.00
  • Actual shipping charges apply
  • Texas residents 8.125% Sales Tax applies

Technical Documentation

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