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Universal 28-pin PICMicro Prototype Board

The ProtoPIC28 is a small (1.00" x 2.20") printed circuit board designed for quick prototyping with compatible 28-pin PICMicro Microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors available in standard 7.50mm wide SOIC packages.

The board layout includes surface mount pads for the minimal required components to get your PICMicro up and running with different oscillator configurations, provision for a secondary 32KHz crystal for Timer and RTCC modules, a RESET push button and an extra push button with pull-up resistor, and three LEDs with limiting resistors.

In addition, on the bottom side, the board can accommodate a 16-pin SOIC CMOS to RS-232 transceiver and its required capacitors.

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U$S 14.95/2-PACK
  • Microchip PICMicro Microcontrollers and DSP quick prototyping board
  • Support for pin compatible PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC30 and dsPIC33 devices
  • Small 1.00" by 2.20" board layout
  • Multiple primary clock configurations
  • Pads for secondary crystal clock source/li>
  • On board Reset push-button
  • ICSP header pads compatible with Microchip's PICKit2
  • 3 LEDs and one additional push-button
  • RS-232 transceiver on bottom
  • Available only as bare PCB
  • List price : U$S 14.95 for 2-PACK (2-PACK includes two boards)
  • Actual shipping charges apply
  • Texas residents 8.125% Sales Tax applies
Additional Images

Fully assembled ProtoPIC28

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ProtoPIC28 as a
plug-in module
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ProtoPIC28 mounted on a
solderless breadboard
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Technical Documentation & Software

ProtoPIC28 Datasheet  
Putting together the ProtoPIC28 Tutorial  

Additional Resources

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